This project has moved from Corner-A to the Neatberry vendor and we are happy to see it here. All , there is no need to purchase another copy.
Unfortunately, automatic update system can’t handle that much work, so there are few simple steps You must do to upgrade.


  • Download latest Vidiary version from this website.┬áDon’t run the app.
  • Go to ~/Library/Preferences, locate com.corner-a.TheVideoDiary.plist file and rename it to com.neatberry.Vidiary.plist . This will move Your old license data and all the preferences for the app.
  • OR
  • Run new app. Simply enter You or license data and choose diary library location. In the right-bottom part of the library window there is a path selector – choose Your old diary location folder. By default it is ~/Library/TheVideoDiary for the old app.

Well, that’s all. All future versions will be yet again upgradable by the automatic updates system and there will be no need to handle the process manually. Sorry for this inconvenience.