Sketcher User Manual

The Sketcher app is pretty simple and we believe it doesn’t require a long and detailed manual. Next text represents the basics of the app, so you get jump in quickly.


Sketcher App
Sketcher contains two main windows: a photo window and the parameters panel. You can open as many photos as you wish while there is only one parameters panel at time, representing the active photo window params. Parameters panel contains the filter selector and some sliders to adjust the effect options and vary the result. There are effect description listed above, however, you should “play” with the filters yourself to feel their results.


The apps contains few main filters and combinations. Here they are:

  • Pencil effect turns the photo into the monochromatic pencil drawing. There are few params available, so you can adjust the edges, pencil width etc.
  • Watercolor is the top-class watercolor effect implementation that we are proud of. It results unique and quality results with a simple click. By default, the filter is set up to show the most precise watercolor, however, you van vary the params to render the effect in an “amateur” mode.
  • Pastel represents the pastel filter, you can adjust the quality, strokes and edges work.
  • Oil is the oil painting filter. It’s pretty close to the pastel in parameter although the results are different.

In addition to the data above, it’s important to mention that every filter has Texturize option and almost every – the Pencil option. This allows to build a watercolor painting with the pencil drawing in the basements. Add the watercolor texture and you won’t believe it was a photo!

Bottom Line

If something is still unclear, or you see any mistakes, misspells or “sharp” English in the text – feel free to drop me a mail at I will be glad to fix the manual. Thanks for reading this!