Most of us like hand-made drawings, colorful oil paintings and accurate pencils strokes of the sketches. But lots of people, unfortunately, can’t draw well enough to make something beautiful with their hands… This little app solves the problem! It can easily turn any digital photo into the pencil sketch, watercolor or oil drawing, it’s light, simple, cross-platform, feature rich and it’s free to try! And more than this: the license is valid for both Mac and Windows platforms (doesn’t apply to AppStore licenses)!





This is the way to breath some life into your digital photos. Even boring photo turned into the watercolor or oil gets some true art style! You don’t have to be an artist to use the app, it offer pre-built presets for a few types of drawings, so you have to adjust few slider at your taste! User-friendly interface in combination with rich features and great results – that are the main features of the app. Well, and it’s cross-platform nature. Neatberry store licenses (not AppStore) are valid for MacOS and Windows platforms, the license can be used at any number of machines by a single person.


Here are few screenshots of the app. As You can see, the interface is very light and user-friendly and the result are really great!

System Requirements

Sketcher runs on Mac computers and requires OS X 10.6+ (With 64-bit Intel processor) or Windows XP+.