In the document window’s toolbar there are two buttons: “Flickr” and “Facebook”. Those buttons open corresponding sharing dialog which allows you to save an image right into the web-based service photo album (or stream).



Web-services usually require user authorization to let a third-party application to work with the user account. In order to authorize, click on the “Authorize” button – a new browser tab (window) will appear with the desired web-service page. Follow the on-screen instruction to authorize the app.

The app will generally request and authorization once, although a service may request to re-authorize and app from time to time due to security reasons.


Facebook options

Export into the Facebook is pretty simple: just write a description and choose share target.


Flickr options

To export an image into your Flickr account, you must specify the photo name, description and target. There are some optional fields as well: publicity, target pool and so on.

Need something else?

We would love to extend the possibilities and features of the application, but initially we need some user requests to give us the right direction. So, if you have need in matter of the further integration with the photo services or social networks – let us know, please, via the e-mail.