The presets library

Presets Library

This window appears at application first run. It’s default start-up action, however, You can change this behavior and start app with blank or recent documents. Presets Library is the easiest way to find a new look for Your digital photo, just drop an image into the window area or user “Load Image” thumbnail in the toolbar, and app pre-renders every presets in the library with selected image. The window itself is split into the few sections.

First is presets area:

  • Presets area is located in the center of the window, it shows rendered thumbnails for all selected presets.
  • Drop an image into the area to re-calculate the presets, You can also use “Load Image” button in the toolbar and menu.
  • Use Quick Search filed in the toolbar to filter the presets.
  • There is thumbnails size slider in the right-bottom part of the area.
  • Hit Spacebar or “Full Preview” button in the toolbar to see the preview in a bigger size.
  • Double-click on a thumbnail to open new document with this specific image and this preset applied. Multi-selection is also supported, choose few thumbnails and hit Return to load few documents.

Presets management control in the toolbar:

  • Pencil segment opens a document with selected preset.
  • “+” segment open new blank document (an empty preset).
  • “-” segment erases the preset. This can’t be undone.
  • Double-clik on preset title to rename it.
  • System presets can not be erased or renamed! System presets are marked with light-blue title, user presets have white title.
  • Use “Save as Preset…” in the Document window to add new preset into the library. The library will update immediately.

In the left part of the window there are filtering and sorting controls:

  • Choose presets sorting (by rating, name or date).
  • Filter the presets with tags. By default, no tag filtering is applied, but you can click on each tag to define whether it must be presented in the preset (an equality sign), must NOT be presented (a cross) or it doesn’t matter (a tilde). This simple yet powerful filter allow to sort out the presets precisely and saves your time.
  • Don’t forget: you can use Quick Search field for even faster presets search.

Tags filter in details

The tags filter may work not quite as you expect. You don’t have to mark any tags to show ALL presets, the default neutral state will show them all. Each filter state makes “stronger” search and results less presets shown. So, when you check a tag into the green state – it mean you want some presets where this tag IS PRESENTED. I.e. all the rest will be filtered out.

Why is this implemented this way? Well, because we though about regular filtering task like that: “I need some ‘Lomo’ presets, but without frames”. With the system described above, such filter can be defined with three clicks: turn “Lomo” tag to green and “Frame” tag into the red state.

Here is an example of the filter:

This filter defines a strong search, that keeps:

  • Presets with “Style” tag.
  • And with “Vintage” tag.
  • And without “Lomo” tag.
  • And without “Romantic” tag.

As you can see, there are only two built-in presets that meet the search criteria. Overall, this filter allows to drop all uninteresting presets from the search and focus on some style that you are really interested in at the moment. Once you are done – click the “Reset” button below the tags list to restore initial state.