Document Window

Document window

Document is the main working area in the app. It represents selected photo processed with number of filters and provides controls to adjust the effects. Center part of the document shows the photo in a scrollable and zoomable area:

  • Scrolling is applied with a floating Navigator panel.
  • In the right-bottom part of the Navigator there is Zoom control, it contains the slider for manual zoom adjustment and an “Arrows” switcher that toggles automatic zoom mode. This mode is turned on by default and automatically zooms the photo to fit the window size. “View” menu contains zooming actions as well, binded to the usual hotkeys.
  • Main document area is also used by the in-place editors, when appropriate.

Right part of the window contains filters list:

  • Each document contains at least one element – the “Scene”. It contains some details about source image and provides a special view to compare original image with to the processed one – just like on the screenshot above. The “comparator” is not available on empty scenes.
  • “+” button in the right part of the “Scene” element adds new filter into the chain.
  • Filters list is actually a kind of “layers” chain applied one after another from bottom to top. It’s similar to PhotoShop and other graphics apps.
  • Each filter has number of params hided in the corresponding panel. Click on the filter panel to expand the parameters.
  • Some filters are based on auxiliary input images such as texture masks, scratches maps etc., each image control accepts external images and well as built-in resources from the Library (cmd+L).
  • You can drag-n-drop filters to change the order or drag any filter out to remove it from the list.
  • Most filters support special in-place editors and masking. Default editors are show when a filter is selected, mask editor is available with the “pencil” icon on the filter panel.

Tip: You should “play” with different filters to put some good results in. Don’t hesitate to use built-in presets library – each preset can be opened and reviewed! When You find some interesting style, click “Save as Preset…” button in the toolbar to add this style into the Library.