PhotoStyler manual is split into the few section, each section covers one of few adjacent topics. The list below marks all the manual topics, click on the desired link to open the corresponding manual page.

General Help

  • Presets Window describes whole the presets library window and presets filter.
  • Document Window section covers main UI of the document window – main working area of the application, where you can define your own filter combinations and tune each style up.
  • In-place editors topic explains the in-place editors provided by some filter to simplify the editing tasks.
  • Sharing page represents WWW part of the app: Facebook and Flickr integration.
  • Textures Library is a small section dedicated to the built-in resources library and it’s usage.
  • Batch Processing section explains the way you can process hundreds of photos with just few clicks. Well, few clicks and PhotoStyler.

Video materials

Bottom Line

If something is yet unclear – feel free to drop me a line at I will be glad to fix the manual. Thanks for reading this!