Bokeh filter

This filter is ideal for creating banner or postcard backgrounds. Customizable fill density, sectors, blurs and shapes – generate that kind of background you really need.

Confetti filter

“Confetti” filter recalls “Dots” filter, but it shapes overlap each other. Use configuration “Scale” to obtain the perfect laying.

Antique tile filter

Those cool pattern from Patterno icon, at your service.

Texts filter

Styled, tiled, fully controller text filled surface. Cooking blog, rock music shop? Whatever – this generator will make a beautiful background for you.

Stripes filter

Highly customizable “Stripes” filter turns background making into the joy. Really.

Rays filter

Great non-tiled background generator. We widely used it to make DMG covers and other graphics.

Dots filter

Although the filter is called “Dots” but it has another shapes which you can fill in the background.