Border frame

Lots of built-in textures + HUE correction of any texture of the fly = infinite number of output real-world frames.

Tilled frame

Use any number of sprite images to tile a background and build a postcard or just a funny frame.

Museum frame with mat

Combine any number of frame types and style to build a complex frame. This examples are build from 3 sub-frames each: borders + fabric mat. Every aspect of such complex frame is in your hands: texture, color, size, lighting and shadows.

Patchy frame

Frame masking is simple yet powerful tool that allows to build digital-style frames. Of course, built-in Texture library contains a lot of patchy images!

Path and objects

Absolutely unique Path frame with customizable blend-modes – edit the curve to define your own vector frame path and fill it with number of shaders: simple sprite fill with shadow dropped from every sprite (1), multi-sprite fill (2), tatter with a custom brush (3) and absolutely amazing liquid shader fill with full control of specular light, shadows and material.