Move from Corner-A

Since version 2.4 LightFrame is represented by Neatberry software vendor, not Corner-A. Old licenses are still valid and there is no need to purchase a new one, however, application bundle Id was changed and the app asks license data yet again. Plus, user textures and presets library is not visible. How to fix this? Quite simple, You must open ~/Library and locate some data there. First is com.corner-a.LightFrame.plist file located in the Preferences sub-folder, rename it to the com.neatberry.LightFrame. This will keep old license data and app’s preferences. Second, open Application Support and rename Corner-A Library folder to the Neatberry Library – this will move old presets and textures to the new app. All above is easier to do before the first run of the new app!


Q. I don’t like this presets previews at startup, can it be turned off?
A. Yes, click LightFrame -> Preferences and choose another “Startup action”. App can open blank or recent document for You, for instance.

Q. How to save my style to an image file?
A. File -> Save Image while a document is active. You can also use toolbar button or hotkey cmd+R.

Q. Textures Library doesn’t work, I can’t drag anything! How can this be fixed?
A. Actually, it works, but collection view has a bit unusual drag mode due to multi-selection option. To start dragging, You must hold left mouse button for a while over the texture.