LightFrame is flexible and powerful image framer for MacOS X with various built-in frames, materials, resources and almost infinite number of possible frames variations. Based on core technologies, LightFrame supports all image formats covered by OS, it provides real-time accurate preview, best possible output quality and smooth MacOS X integration. Learning curve isn’t too long and the output is really worth trying the application with your photos.





This app has truly endless possibilities packed into the quite simple interface. You can build any number of absolutely unique frames using built-in as well as your own resources. LightFrame contains dozens pre-built presets which can be applied in a single click. Any preset can be edited and adjusted, so it not just a templates library, it’s a great learning material. The app stands on core MacOS technologies, that’s why it looks native (Cocoa), works fast (CoreImage) and supports almost any image format including RAW sources (ImageIO). LightFrame contains a lot of system textures to be used to generate the frames. Wood, fabric, metal textures, special masks, reflection sphere maps etc. Everything you need to make some stunning frame right in your hands!


LightFrame screenshots placed below show the app view. There is also a Gallery available, I highly recommend to open it and check the samples, so of them are really outstanding!

System Requirements

LightFrame runs on Mac computers and requires OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), there is also an archive version for 10.5 users available. Video accelerator card is recommended for this app, however, it’s not required, so you can download it and test with almost any Mac on the market.