Fumy is a kind of graphics editor, yet unusual as you won’t find regular tools here. Fumy offers absolutely unique type of brush that renders stunning graphics with the simplest mouse movements. Abstract backgrounds, lighting texts, art-house drawings or whatever – this brilliant tool helps to convert an idea into the painting. Actually, it’s always better to see once rather than hear twice, check the screenshots below, download our free demo and taste the app yourself.





Pure creative: no art skills required to use the app, it’s just your imagination drawn on the canvas with light and smoke, controlled by several easy tools. Nothing stands between you and your imagination. GPU-accelerated rendering, lightweight Mac interface, ImageIO back-end – technical advance right in your hands. Smoke stands on the latest technologies and becomes faster and better with each update of its back-end. Fast support: contact us by e-mail and get the instant assist from the developers. Feel free to share ideas, we are always glad to hear from users and a lot of features are added after user requests! You can download a free demo version, try it and decide whether you’d like to purchase a license. The demo version adds watermark to saved images, to remove them simply place an order. That’s that easy!


Take a look at some images made in Fumy (click the thumbnails to see full versions). As you may see, the application is really powerful and allows to create stunning visuals with just a few mouse movements. Every single screenshot in this section was made in less than a minute!

System Requirements

Fumy runs on Mac computers and requires OS X 10.6+. Graphics accelerator card is recommended, rendering speed may depends on hardware.