Animix Screen Saver Module

Screen Saver

Animix can’t save the scene as a standalone screensaver, it produces a “scene module” instead. This scene module can be played with the freeware Animix ScreenSaver (freeware, can be download separately). The ScreenSaver itself can be set up with Animix, the app checks whether the module is installed and allow you to download it. Also, it’s available for download and can be re-distributed without any fees by any Animix user, download is available here:

By default, the Screen Saver is installed into the local folder ~/Library/Screen Savers.

Installation notes: to “install” the .animixSaver units, you must place them into the ~/Library/Animix/ folder this is the place scanned by the ScreenSaver module. You can export any number of the units and choose which one to use in the Animix ScreenSaver options.

Screen Saver on the Desktop

Screen Saver

Although it’s not official feature, MacOS can playback the Screen Savers right on your desktop. Google for this a bit and you can find the tricks and even some freeware apps that can simplify the process. Unfortunately, we can’t implement this feature directly in the Animix since this doesn’t meet the AppStore rules. Also, this feature is recommended for strong desktop Macs only. Mobile machine can be overheated, lost battery power for this etc. You shouldn’t use the ScreenSaver in this manner until you are absolutely sure it’s suitable for you!