Animix app is an unique way to breathe the life into your photos. You can add weather effects, animate water surfaces, put a sun lens flare and set up the camera movement. The app is that simple that even a kid can use it to produce some creative works! Animix contains free screensaver module that supports app’s scene playback, so you can distribute the results as a run-time screesavers or export them into the QuickTime movie. There is a free demo available, just try the app and you will love it’s power and simplicity!





Rain, Snow, sun Lens Flares, Smoke and Haze, Water surfaces – the app contains a set of stackable pre-built effects to be used to animate your photos. It’s really simple. You can set up an effect area in details with the masking tool. This precise instrument allows to animate exactly what you need and in the way you need it. Free screen saver module is included in the app package and can be installed by request. It’s also freeware and allowed to be redistributed separate from the app, so you can share your screesavers with ease. The app is not limited for a joy, it can be also used in commercial. Screen Saver module can be redistributed separate from the app and there is absolutely no royalty for the exports.


Here are few screenshots of the app. As you can see at the screenshots, no PhD required to operate the app.

System Requirements

Animix runs on Mac computers and requires OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). It’s highly recommended to have a strong video accelerator card for real-time rendering!