Our team 

We are small privately owned studio founded in early 2011 by software professionals. Actually, we are a kind of family business, we cover all the tasks of the software development ourselves and we are doing it really good! Below you can find some details about each person in our team and get the contact information.

Yaroslav Glushchenko Founder 

It’s me: the guy who usually reply your e-mails and who turn idea into the applications. I have¬†graduated Moscow State Institute of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation with a master degree in “Applied math”. With 10 years experience in software development, I can cover all the programming tasks of the Neatberry at my own. Also, I usually take part in all aspects of the application building from the initial mind-storm and up to the promo texts and banners making.

Plus, I cover the user support. You can always reach me via support at neatberry.com or my personal gobra at neatberry.com mailboxes. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions regarding the applications!

Ekaterina Achkasova Designer 

Katie is my wife and Neatberry’s designer. She made the website you are looking at and she also covers every and each design task during development process. By the way, she has also graduated the¬†Moscow State Institute of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation and she also has the master degree in “Applied math”! However, she isn’t excited with the programming job, so she has another education from the British High School of Art & Design (Moscow branch) with a degree in “Graphics design”.

By the way, Katie runs her own software business where she is in charge and I’m just a guy to makes the things working, you can find it at www.candysquare.com. This studio is also focused on Mac platform, but it put the design and user interface on top of the other tasks, what should be appreciated by the most home users.

You can contact Katie via catherine at neatberry.com e-mail.

Visual C++ Manager 

The “boss” of the team, our best psychologist and motivator. This man has unbelievable skills in mental manipulation, plus he looks that great that almost every application of our studio uses his photos to illustrate the functionality.

And the best thing about this member of the team: he is happy to work for food!


Business proposals, sales: sales@neatberry.com
Technical support, general inquires: support@neatberry.com

Order details, pending order etc.: PayPro Global support or other Store support team if You have placed an order via external Store
Neatberry commercial contracts are covered by Helsing Global Ltd. company.