Fraud Alert –!

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Hello everyone,
Today I would like to tell you a story about a fraud. Yes, a fraud, affaire, hustle, crook business or whatever you call it: a situation when you pay for something but get nothing but headache in return. I’ve been working on Mac OS market for years and so far I don’t remember any serious issues with any services or partners I had, even if there were any issues, I was always able to solve them via negotiations in a gentle manner, like normal people usually do, but approximately 6 month ago I was “caught” buy a roque with XXI century-style.

How did it happen?
As any other software developer, I’m always looking for a way to promote my application over the web, focusing on the OSX community websites. Nowadays, with the MAS raise, it quite important to have some reviews there (not just 5*, anything from 3 and higher, I would say, while even some bad, but nicely written review might be helpful) plus some media coverage in form of reviews and maybe video reviews on popular streams, some social networks spread is always welcomed as well. So, there are various companies focusing on promotions for the developers, from well-known old warhorses to the new indies, making new niches. In the March 2013 I was contacted by Derrick Edwards from, they offered some nice looking packages including all kind of reviews I dreamed about. Since I was already looking for a kind of platform for promoting my various apps over the web, I was pretty happy to see someone focusing on this tasks and ready to take my money for suck kind of work. We agreed a deal of $750 value for our PhotoStyler application.

What actually happened?
Well, after the agreed the deal terms, I payed the money and started waiting for my video and regular reviews to appear. I was promised to get reasonable number of articles, videos and MAS review which were especially interesting for me since it was pretty hard to get any responses on the MAS page of the app. A week passed, but nothing happened, I contacted “the honourable” Derrick Edwards again, asking about the situation. He explained, that there is a “small delay” and we’ll see his work shortly.

Unfortunately, nothing changed in a week, and in another one. I was pretty busy at work and had a lot of personal business at home, but I kept pinging this tricky fraudster again and again. At last, we changed the idea of the order: the web reviews, articles and everything else was canceled. “Let it be just MAS reviews”, I said, thinking this one can be closed pretty fast, to be honest, I was already mostly thinking about closing the deal and didn’t intend to continue co-operation with that kind of “service”, yet I thought they are just un-professional, not tricksters.

Time passed, I have sent and received another 20 e-mails, but still got nothing. My bad, but I even missed the deadline for PayPal dispute in few days and there was no way to claim the money. I kept wasting my time while “enterprising” Derrick from kept explaining me the delays. Finally, my patience ended up and I requested a refund (being sure I will get one, imagine).

So, what was wrong with the refund?
Well, nothing was wrong since there was no refund. Mr. Derrick Edwards from wasted another 2 month of my time explaining the delays with the refund. There were some “problems with the bank”, he had to “talk to the partner” and there were some “delays with money trasfer”, but the issue itself was always in, you know, “almost solved” state. Just wait a little bit and you’ll get your video review. Oh, just wait another week and you’ll get the reviews on MAS! Just some patience and you’ll see your money back.

Current stand?
Where are we now? Nowhere. Derrick doesn’t answer for my emails anymore, I have contacted my bank in order to revert the payment made via PayPal, but with the company’s credit card, however, I’m not sure we’ll see the money again. Dispute on PayPal has been closed without solution, but at least there was a claim and, probably, PayPal might be willing to watch for Derrick’s account.

However, whole this post wasn’t about poor me, I will not die due to those lost $750. However, the Mac developers society should know, that is a website of fraud and imposture. You will simply waste your money and time, getting absolutely nothing it return.

What about evidences?
I do have 60+ emails from Derrick to me and vice versa, confirming the deal itself, discussions of the “delays” and negotiations regarding the refund. I have PayPal invoice, unsuccessful dispute and my bank’s correspondence about all this. The last mails from are dated as beginning of the October 2013, where Derrick yet again said that he “should talk with his partner”. Whatever, you know.

The conclusion.
Actually, it’s the first time during the years of my work when I see such situation. I’ve spent sums like $50.000/year on development and advertising, freelance developers got access to my source code, various companies got my keygens in order to make a promo or got thousands dollars with the promotion deals or advertising – and I haven’t ever met a fraud. Really. Maybe, it was just my luck, but I always saw professional people on the other side, who were ready to give me a hand with any issue and who were responsible and communicable.

However, is an ugly exception. When someone takes your money for a “service” and gives you nothing back, it’s called a fraud and that’s precisely what happened to me. I realize, that I’m an idiot to be caught in such a situation, but at least I hope this article will help other developers to avoid having “deals” with this website and it’s “CEO”. Stay away from this people and, if you know any Mac or iOS developers – let them know.


PhotoStyler 6.6

June 30th 2013 :: No comments :: PhotoStyler

Hello everyone.
We’ve released PhotoStyler 6.6 and it’s been already available on the Mac App Store. The upgrade is free of charge and presents next change list:

  • New presets and resources.
  • Better preview rendering system uses less resources.
  • Fixed bug with Quartz compositions UI glitches.
  • Fixed bug with occasional crashes of Quartz compositions.
  • Fixed crash on Levels filter UI editor.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

Preview rendering system affects presets list and really gives much better an smoother work. The preview are now generated “on demand”, i.e. the application doesn’t render preview which haven’t been requested to be shown on the screen, it saves a lot of resources on the background rendering while actual preview generation speed isn’t seriously affected.

Stay tuned, people!


What’s on

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During the last 6 month I haven’t posted anything here in blog since we have moved all the interesting news to the Twitter, Facebook and e-mail Newsletter… I guess it’s not that fair, is it? So, some sort of a report of the current status:

  • Some minor updates of PhotoStyler, Patterno and others are planned.
  • CandySquare has recently released new Choco, some other updates are also on the work.
  • We’re trying to “widen the horizont” and I’m looking at new platforms at the moment.
  • I have successfully survived another year with my recent 29th birthday.
  • Well, so far that’s all. With this record the blog will not look that empty, right? :) I guess we should write posts here more often.


Latest PhotoStyler and other news

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Hello all,
We have already released PhotoStyler 6.5.3. Despite of small version steps (0.0.1 per release) those updates are actually quite useful and deliver a lot of minor improvements in the user interface, application stability and performance. Plus, we have fixed a bunch of bugs.

However, the most part of my time during the last month was spent on sales, promos and Candy’s Choco app update. Till the end of this year I’m not going to publish anything really serious, although there will be further small updates and improvement all over the application set of both Neatberry & Candy.

Stay tuned!

The status

October 15th 2012 :: No comments :: Patterno, Sketcher

Hello everyone,
I’m back after a hard flue. Well, almost back since I still feel so-so, but at least it’s good enough to push some energy into the work :) This flew broke some plans:

  • To release Sketcher 1.3
  • To release Patterno 2.5

In fact, both applications are ready. At last, I have fixed the problems of the Sketcher app and Sandoxing, Patterno updates seems to be well too. Ill publish those updates today, AppStore version will be available (as always) after a delay.

Kind Regards,

The News

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Hello everyone,

I have forgotten about our blog for a while. It’s not that popular and it’s easier for us to reach the customers through the newsletter, Twitter or Facebook, so… Well, nevermind, I will still publish the status posts here and maybe some post with an explanations of the plans, versions, decisions we’ve made and so on. Current status: almost every Neatberry app got an update during last few month, some of the got few updates. We’ve fixed number of bugs, made apps 10.8-compatible and some of them are also Retina-compatible now. Plus, we have started localizing the apps, initially those are Eng + Rus localizations (a kind of native languages for me), but in the future list might grow. “Choco” from the CandySquare is an example – it also has Germa, French, Italian and Spanish locales. During this Fall I will be focused on the further improvements of the graphics part of the apps (Retina, yeah) and locales and the biggest issue here is the Sketcher app. Sketcher isn’t native Mac application, so I face serious difficulties with the Sandboxing (under 10.7 only) and other thing. I hope I will be able to figure out the solution during the October.

Anyway, just stay tuned, check for updates from time to time and don’t hesitate to contact me via our support at e-mail if you have any questions, suggestions or problems.

Kind Regards, G.

Cool Patterno promotion

August 7th 2012 :: No comments :: Patterno

Hello everyone!
If you have missed a cool thing, here it is: Patterno is #1 Top Paid application in the AppStore Graphics category! Of course, it’s a matter of the promotion from the, which I find really impressive.
Patterno Top Paid

Hope this will help the application to success, as well as I hope to see this kind of promotions for other apps as well.


The things

August 3rd 2012 :: No comments :: Patterno, PhotoStyler, Smoke

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since I posted anything in the blog, well, it’s due to my lazy nature :) We had all the news in the Twitter and the Facebook, but I guess it’s time to fill up the blog a bit. OK, what do I want to say? First of all, if you have missed our new co-project called “CadySquare” – you should definitely take a look! It represents various lightweight applications, a step over from the Neatberry apps complexity (is a sacrifice of some flexibility and power, of course), with a slick design and, at my taste, great look & feel. Applications themselves are mostly out of competition with Neatberry, so they might be a valuable addition to your photo library package.

Now about the Neatberry: PhotoStyler, Patterno and Fumy are my main goals for the rest of the 2012. It doesn’t mean that other application will be forgotten, but I simply can’t push them all forward, so the rest app in current plans are scheduled for the small updates only. Those three mentioned above, on the contrary, should get some serious features and UI upgrades which, I hope, will lift them higher.

Stay tuned!

The latest progress

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Hello everyone!
I’have closed all my task in the “Candy Square” contract and now I have enough time to continue the work here, at Neatberry. PhotoStyler is the first app in the update queue, I’m going to update it to the 10.7 SDK, improve stability and memory consumption. The application will be extended with the new sharing framework (Flickr and Facebook so far), the one from the “Candy Square”, buy the way.

Also, it might be possible to extend the LightFrame application into something bigger and exciting. My last job in “Candy” was a collage maker application with some styling and framing features, I guess we have do something like that here, at Neatberry, extending the idea into the pro-level application that will be able of pro-like framing, collages and scrapbooking. Well, just an idea…

Stay tuned, people, and I hope you’ll find our updates useful and our new applications interesting!

Fumy 2.2.1 on the AppStore

May 4th 2012 :: No comments :: Smoke

Hello everyone,
Fumy 2.2.1 bugfix is available on the AppStore now, it fixes the issue with non-RGB colorspaces in input images (version 2.2 used to crash on such images). Regular version with the same fix has been already available for a while, so, if you face this problem, just click on the “Update” button.